Tips For Buying Wild Salmon

Buy wild-caught salmon and never eat another fish the same way again. Salmon is probably one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are a type of fat that your body can benefit from. It's also high in vitamin A, which makes it heart-healthy and a good source of nutrition. And then there's the protein content of wild salmon: 45 percent. That means you're getting lots of proteins, which is the essential ingredient for building strong muscles.

If you buy wild-caught salmon, you avoid all of those health benefits. When it comes to buying a salmon fillet, you may be enticed by the price tag. Alaskan salmon is among the most expensive types of wild salmon available, but it is worth the investment. Click for more info about buying wild Salmon.

Wild salmon caught by state-owned fisheries are labeled wild-caught when they pass through state-owned hatcheries. They cannot sell it as "wild-caught" if the fish has been raised on a commercial level. State-run hatcheries capture the fish and process it before selling it to restaurants, hotels and groceries. So even though the fillets may look and feel like their farmed counterparts, they have not been handled the right way.

To find wild Alaskan salmon, head to the internet. Online retailers frequently display pictures of their products so you know exactly what you're buying. You'll often find a number of salmon varieties, with the more sought-after varieties sold in the highest grades. So if you're willing to pay a bit more for high-quality salmon, you should be able to find it online. The key to successfully shopping for this food online is to buy it in large quantities.

Some other popular foods include halibut, sockeye salmon, Pacific salmon, pike, halibut and pink salmon. No matter which type of wild salmon you decide to purchase, be prepared: it's addictive! One bite and you're hooked. Different types of food can vary depending on the time of year and region of the Alaskan coastline, but some of the more common foods include:

If you're looking to stock up on wild fish, be sure to keep these suggestions in mind. When purchasing wild fish from your local retailer or supermarket, be sure to ask if any of the fish are wild-caught. If the fish has been raised in a commercial environment, be sure to ask if the fish has been certified as sustainable.  

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